rsz_1img_0143Recently, 10 board members of HGK-H visited two centers in Los Angeles that serve LBGT kids who are experiencing homelessness. The board members made the April 9 trip on their own time and paid their own expenses.

One of the facilities they visited is a drop-in center for LGBT kids on famed Venice Beach.  Among the services that center provides are backpacks, yoga classes, a commissary and toiletries to LBGT kids.


“Everything we’ve conceptualized is what we were looking at, “says Board Member Micki Grimland.  “It confirmed we’re on track with our ideas and vision for our own drop-in center.”

The long-term vision of HGK-H includes a residential facility for the kids who are experiencing homelessness in the Houston area.

To that end, the board members also visited the LGBT Highland Center in West Hollywood.  Simon Costello, head of the facility, has already proven to be an invaluable resource to the Houston group.  He has shared critical materials, as well as the principles that make the West Hollywood center the success it is.

Features of the center include computers, a classroom where the kids can work toward their GED, and an area for TV or board games, plus offices for legal and medical professionals and therapists. The young people follow strict rules of behavior at the center.

The facility also has an area where the young people can spend the night. That area can serve as a model for HGK-H’s long-term plan.